OnePlugin: Fields - Features

JSON Animated Icons

150+ and counting editable animated icons, guaranteed to make your site pop!

Over 1500+ editable SVGs

1500+ SVGs, that you can edit from the control panel. Here's how!

Google Maps

Google Maps with or without an API key. Feeling lost about how this is possible?

Videos optimised

Embed videos via a URL with video optimised CDNs doing the heavy lifting

PDFs embedded

Embed a functional PDF with rich content. Read all about it!

Embed a PPT

Embed a functional PowerPoint document. Presented here, by us.

Embed social posts

Embed social posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest posts. Like subscribe and find us here!

Website previews

Embed website previews via an iFrame. Look through the neo-looking glass.

Optomised images

Rendered, URL mapped optomised images for an ultra fast site. See how quick here!

OnePlugin: Fields - Features